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The Best 360 Car Cameras, Waylens Secure360 VS Blackvue

First, let me tell you what I love about the Waylens Secure360 camera for 24-hour vehicle security. It’s easier to install than any Blackvue camera bundle (including Blackvue’s 1 or 2 camera systems). Second, It doesn’t need a special SD card to record security video, unlike the Blackvue camera system that requires a 100MBPS Class 10 Heat Resistant SD card which can be quite expensive compared to the cards you can purchase online or off the shelf. Third, Blackvue needs a power management device (PMP or OBD power connector) to…

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The Best Cloud Recording Video Doorbells For 2019

Before you dive into this article, keep in mind that you don’t have to pay for cloud recording to automatically record videos of visitors at your door. You can still view and communicate with someone through a video doorbell device and record their visits with a free cloud service and a mini SD card backup. If you’re not interested in paying a monthly cloud service fee to view the recorded videos from a doorbell and you would like a barebone device with a few essential features as the ones below…

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