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24-Hour Work Truck Security Cameras with Park Mode & Free Internet Viewing

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Work trucks are valuable targets. Tools and materials are stored either inside or on the vehicle during transport and they are especially vulnerable when they are parked somewhere overnight or sitting at a job site. Work trucks are also a target in vehicle accidents because they usually carry a more robust insurance policy than a regular passenger car or truck. 24-hour video and audio cameras are essential when it comes to ensuring you have proof of an incident.

Protect your work truck with our vehicle cameras with Cloud Connection. The cameras will record and notify you of any suspicious incidents in or around your vehicle. The built-in gravity sensor can detect, record video and notify you when someone physically gets in the cab or on your truck bed any time during the day or night. If someone takes equipment or materials from the truck, that will be recorded as an event. The cameras record motion triggered video when it sees active motion around the vehicle as well, documenting every event as they occur.

Recorded videos are separated in overlapping 1-minute time intervals and are filed in a way that makes it quick and easy to find the video you are looking for. In other words, when you or someone else get inside the cab of the truck or retrieve materials, it will trigger an Event Recording. Anyone walking or standing near or around the vehicle while it’s parked will trigger Parked Recording.

The 24-Hour vehicle cameras can automatically upload a triggered video to your free cloud storage that you can view at any time from the easy to understand app if someone tries to steal tools or materials. It can even detect if someone is trying to dismantle the vehicle cameras. It will upload videos of the perpetrator even if the cameras are disconnected.  You can view the video later online or from the mobile app.

After you order your vehicle camera system from our online store, we will send you a link to receive a free hotspot device with free monthly connection data so you can view your cameras from anywhere using the mobile app with no monthly fees! With the hotspot modem, you will be able to activate Automatic Video Uploads to instantly save videos of incidents that happen to your work truck but also in the rare event of the vehicle cameras being stolen or dismantled, you’ll have that video stored and ready to use.

  • 24-Hour 1080p Vehicle Security Camera System with 360 Degree Capability For Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) with Mobile Phone App Viewing Using Direct WiFi Without Cloud Service

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    24-Hour 360 Degree Security Cameras with Night Vision for Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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  • Upgraded 24-Hour 4K 360-Degree Vehicle Camera System With Super Wide Night Vision For Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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  • Heavy Vehicle & Cargo Truck Security Camera System with Park & Drive Mode With Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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