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500 Dash Cam Installers Needed Now!

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We happen to be a victim of our own success. We market and sell the best dash cam system for driving and park mode available today and we offer more services than other vendors that sell the same systems. Like – Free hotspot modems and Internet service so our customers, without a monthly fee, can monitor their vehicle from the included mobile app with live videos and notifications if their car or truck is being vandalized.

The biggest thing our customers love us for is in helping them find local installers in the area that they live in who are willing to install their dash cams professionally and this is where our problem lies. There is nowhere near enough dash cam installers to handle the number of customers we get. We even get requests from other dash cam vendors who are willing to pay us to help them find installers FOR THEIR customers.

Every time a customer purchases a dash cam system from us, our team will spend up to a half an hour or more searching Yelp, Google, Facebook and other sources for dashcam installers. Sometimes to no avail even in large towns and cities. Our team here at¬†this year spend on average 70 hours a week trying to find installers willing to install our customer’s vehicle cameras.

Recently, we’ve lost a customer who wanted 8 of their vehicles equipped with our dash cam systems for their delivery trucks in Kansas City. The customer was willing to have all of their trucks driven as far as Topeka or 3 hours away in Wichita Kansas but we still couldn’t find an installer willing to install the dash cams in any of those towns- so we lost the sale.

In Europe, where we sale 20% of our inventory, there are several dash cam installers in just about every neighborhood but in the United States, dash cams are still a new phenomenon.

When we can find a dash cam installer, they charge on average $150 per vehicle installation for our dual dash cam systems which happens to be 98% of our sales. Each vehicle takes about 30 minutes or less to install with our new OBD power connector.

Rural areas may only see an average of 2-3 installations per month – while towns and cities can have several installations a week per neighborhood.

This year, Fleet Management orders are booming, and they are ordering hundreds of systems at a time. In Florida and Georgia alone, we expect to be behind 450 installs within the next two months.

500 installers average out to only 10 installers per State. That’s really not enough installers but we have to start somewhere.

If you or you know someone who is confident they can install our vehicle camera systems and are looking to supplement what they do. Please list them or yourself onto our Local Deal section. It’s similar to placing an as on Craigslist but we do charge a $29 a month fee to make sure that we’re only getting serious listings.

But there’s a guarantee. After 6 months of listing, if you didn’t receive enough work to cover your cost of listing, we would be more than happy to refund you the whole 6 months of your listing fees.

This is a first come stays on top listing. The first to list in any area will stay on top of other listings for that area.

We are selling the systems, now it’s up to you to make a profit from our success.



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