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How To Capture Someone Vandalizing Your Car Or Truck

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When someone vandalizes your car, They are trying to hit you where it hurts, and that’s your wallet. The moment you fix your car, they’ll come right back to do it again. If you’re car or truck is being vandalized more than once, you should consider buying a vehicle security camera system that can record intentional or unintentional bumps, scratches, and all-out vandalism.

When you order our 24-Hour 360 Degree 2 channel system, You’ll be recording pristine High Definition video as well as audio completely around and inside your vehicle when it’s placed in the 360-degree position. By keeping the cameras in the Forward and Back View position, you get a much longer view from the front and back cameras.

The cameras are always recording in Drive Mode and it records motion and gravity sensor activity in Park Mode. The videos are recorded on the system’s SD card. When needed, you can access the list of videos remotely and upload any of them to the cloud for backup.

This means, in case of an incident, you can access the camera’s videos from anywhere using the included mobile app or viewer pro. The vehicle cameras are from BlackVue which has a long record of providing next level, low profile dash cams. They’ve been around for over a decade, improving their camera models and providing firmware updates to all of their older models for several years.

The 2018 flagship models record superior surround audio and 1080p video, at 60 frames per second which is normally only seen in 4K video recording. This gives you awesome playback options like the smooth slow motion function. These new cameras also feature a new night vision upgrade in which you can control the camera’s sensitivity to darkness and heavily tinted windows. This upgraded feature more than doubles the night time capability of the previous models and make the new vehicle cameras the most sought-after devices in the online store.

The vehicle cameras can be installed by anyone and it includes all that you need to install them. If you need help or want to have a professional install them for you, we have over 500 installers listed who are familiar with these vehicle cameras.

The 24-Hour 360 vehicle cameras are powered by your vehicle’s battery – but don’t worry, we include the Power Magic Pro, better known as a PMP, which monitors your battery’s power level and makes sure it isn’t drained by the vehicle cameras. Other vendors charge extra for the PMP module – HomeRestored includes the Power Magic Pro with your camera order for free!

At, we are so impressed with the Blackvue vehicle camera system that we’ve become the only known vendor that has a 2-Year warranty. That’s above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Other vendors charge extra for an extended warranty but offers the extended warranty for free.

You’ll also notice that we made it easier for you to pay for your vehicle cameras. You can use your Amazon Payments account, PayPal or your debit or credit card through our PayPal processing – even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

If you need vehicle cameras immediately but don’t have the funds to pay for them now, PayPal will offer you a 6-months to pay contract with no interest or scheduled monthly payments. Just click on PayPal Credit during your online purchase – You only have to answer two questions to qualify.

All of these payment features are available to you when you make your purchase. Follow the link below to go to our online store for more information and pricing.

  • 24-Hour 1080p Vehicle Security Camera System with 360 Degree Capability For Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) with Mobile Phone App Viewing Using Direct WiFi Without Cloud Service

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  • Sale!

    24-Hour 360 Degree Security Cameras with Night Vision for Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

    $398.92 $379.85
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  • Upgraded 24-Hour 4K 360-Degree Vehicle Camera System With Super Wide Night Vision For Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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  • Heavy Vehicle & Cargo Truck Security Camera System with Park & Drive Mode With Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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4 Thoughts to “How To Capture Someone Vandalizing Your Car Or Truck”

  1. David Gibson

    I want to say thanks to Matt and Lucas for helping me figure out the cameras and being patient with me. I’m an older guy and teck stuff sometimes go over my head. The cameras are supurb. I added a modem to my car so I can see it on from the cloud but I rarely use it because I don’t pay attention to my phone that much but when I went out to the car yesterday and saw a full scratch on the hood Lucas helped me playback the video on my phone and keep it. Matt later on showed me how to upload it to youtube to show that my neighbor is a maniac. This guy always friendly towards me during the day but when he’s walking his dog at night he is messing with my car. what a tragic man!

  2. Justine Pollack

    I’ve actually had the older cameras in my car for 2 years before I sold the car with the cameras. When I ordered my new cameras for my Ford explorer I was surprised how much better the new model was. The cameras can see 10 times better at night!! I use to have to park right under the street lamp post but now I can park anywhere and when I playback the videos on my phone I can’t believe I didn’t upgrade sooner with my older truck.

  3. Hector Vasconi

    This is what I should have bought!! the cameras I bought for my car keeps turning off after an hour and my car got scrapped again right afterwards. My neighbor Shaw sent me the link after he bought one because he found out a family of possums would climb on his car and scratch his car with their nails when they are trying to get down to the ground. He swore up and down it was me! but after he retrieve that video at 3am I started to notice someone was scratching my car at work. He told me about his cameras but I went the cheap route and got some other stupid cameras. I’m getting these cameras on my next paycheck.

  4. Ezra Thomas

    OOOH! Does this work with jeep Cherokees?!!

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