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The Best Live Security Cameras And GPS Locator For Your Service and Delivery Truck

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According to SC-ISAC, the organization that records thefts and vandalism from service and delivery trucks reported that there has been a 20% rise in full load thefts and 32% spike in truck vandalism in and around Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta. Next on the list are states with New Jersey topping the list along with California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Illinois rounding out the top six states. Security cameras with several monitoring options are a great deterrent for cargo and commercial trucks thefts but they don’t have to be expensive. Experienced truck drivers and owners need a device that lets them know where their trucks are in real-time and notify them with live and recorded video.

Because of these needs, I’ve seen camera system companies take advantage of customers with outrageous prices that range from $1,300 to $3,000 and that’s without the cost of installation added. Also, most of these devices and camera systems do a poor job of recording video when the truck engines are turned off and parked. Why invest thousands of dollars in a camera system and tracking device that doesn’t record when the engine is off? That should be the main reason why you would want to purchase an added security systems to your cargo delivery truck in the first place.

You can purchase a cheap dash cam system and GPS locator but they are better suited for recording while you are driving. A better solution is to use a camera system that has both live and recorded video as well as a GPS built in locator that notifies you remotely when someone tries to vandalize the vehicle or steal from it. Recording security video as well as audio when your truck is parked and the engine is off. A system that starts at $389 and delivers on the promise of not only recording while driving but recording and monitoring video while you’re away from your truck. This is not your typical dash cam. Simple dash cams and security camera systems for vehicles haven’t caught up with today’s home and business security camera systems that can do a lot more.

When we asked cargo drivers and owners what they wanted from an in-cab security camera system, they said that they wanted the ability to monitor their trucks from a mobile phone app or a computer from anywhere. Truck owners and renters wanted to know their truck’s GPS location at all times so they’ll know who’s available for last minute pick-ups or deliveries that can be made in between a pick-up and drop-offs. They also wanted to be able to monitor video live from their trucks while it’s parked at a rest stop, a parking facility or on the road making a delivery.

  • 24-Hour 1080p Vehicle Security Camera System with 360 Degree Capability For Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) with Mobile Phone App Viewing Using Direct WiFi Without Cloud Service

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    24-Hour 360 Degree Security Cameras with Night Vision for Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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  • Upgraded 24-Hour 4K 360-Degree Vehicle Camera System With Super Wide Night Vision For Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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  • Heavy Vehicle & Cargo Truck Security Camera System with Park & Drive Mode With Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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