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The 3 Best Face Recognition Video Doorbells For 2018

Video doorbells have come a long way since Ring video doorbell came into the market a few years ago. Next level features like face recognition and animal awareness are now available from other manufacturer’s 2018 models that will make smart video doorbells the must-have security feature for any home or business entry door. RING was not the first smart doorbell that featured video security but it was revolutionary for being the first video doorbell that was easy to install and its cloud recording came during a time when High-Speed internet…

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The Best Live Security Cameras And GPS Locator For Your Service and Delivery Truck

According to SC-ISAC, the organization that records thefts and vandalism from service and delivery trucks reported that there has been a 20% rise in full load thefts and 32% spike in truck vandalism in and around Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta. Next on the list are states with New Jersey topping the list along with California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Illinois rounding out the top six states. Security cameras with several monitoring options are a great deterrent for cargo and commercial trucks thefts but they don’t have to be…

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