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Manage Several Vehicles with Live Video, Audio and GPS Right From Your Mobile Phone

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An affordable and easy way to monitor your transportation or delivery fleet is with a reliable 24-Hour Vehicle Recording System for fleet management. Control live view or playback video right from multiple mobile phones or computers remotely. Forgo the expensive fleet management cameras and software or clunky recording systems that take up too much room in your vehicles. Wouldn’t it be better to purchase a system that is a third of the cost of other fleet camera systems with an ironclad warranty? You’ll find that dual vehicle security cameras are easy to install and even easier to manage. They are self-contained and the surveillance video and audio is recorded onto the main camera’s SD card. The SD card can be locked with a protection plate to prevent video tampering. Furthermore, you have the option to record and view your cameras remotely onto the system’s cloud service to safeguard sensitive and timely incidents instantly at another monitoring location.  Not only will you know where your individual vehicles are located with the GPS monitor in real time, you’ll also be able to see and hear what’s going on around the vehicle at all times while your drivers are on the road or when the vehicle is parked with the engine off. Conduct 2-way audio with the driver which is included with the Cloud version vehicle camera system. Communicate or check in with the driver at any time.

You can remotely monitor up to 4 cameras at a time with speed, altitude and driving directions all shown on the GPS map next to the correlating cameras.



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2 Thoughts to “Manage Several Vehicles with Live Video, Audio and GPS Right From Your Mobile Phone”

  1. Jeff

    Do you have a solution for a property that doesn’t have internet but needs 8-10 cameras installed that can be viewed remotely. I know typically internet and port forwarding would need to be in place but cannot at this location

    1. Armand Lucas

      You’ll be able to connect a wired camera system to a 4G wireless modem. The one we happen to recommend to our customers, you can find here

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