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Pros and Cons To Purchasing A Battery Pack For Your Dash Cams

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Most car and truck owners are interested in their vehicles being protected by in-car security cameras known as dash cams while their vehicles are parked and unoccupied. Your in-car dash cam should be working for you, even when you’re not in your vehicle but what is the best option for you? Is it better to have your security cameras wired into your vehicle’s battery via your fuse box or should you add a portable battery pack to your in-car security camera for parking coverage? Here, in this article, I’ll cover the pros and cons of purchasing a separate battery pack for your vehicle’s dash cam so you can make an informed decision on what’s the best option for you.


  1. Easier Installation. There isn’t a need for professional installation if you decide to purchase a separate battery for your vehicle’s dash cam since you don’t have to have your security cameras wired into your vehicle’s fuse box. This doesn’t mean that hiding your security camera wiring will be easier but you will be able to get up and running without having to visit a professional installation garage.
  2. Portability. A portable dash cam battery pack can be recharged from your vehicles car charger or cigarette lighter port while you drive your car or truck. The portable battery can also be charged from within your home or office with a 12-volt converter. Some owners have more than one battery pack to switch out if they did not drive their vehicles and need a fresh portable battery while the car or truck is parked.
  3. Stackable. There are a few battery packs for dash cams that can be combined together to give you even more battery life. You can charge both batteries from just one battery once they are connected and they would still be portable.
  4. Vehicle Battery Saver. If your car or truck battery is more than 3 years old, you may find that the safety feature in our 24-Hour security camera for cars and trucks may turn the cameras off because the included PMP protector has determined that you may not have enough power to turn the engine on for the next time you drive your car. This is a great safety feature to save your car battery but with a portable battery, the cameras would just stay on until its power is depleted.


  1. Affordability. Portable dash cam batteries cost about the same as having your 24-hour security camera for vehicles installed professionally. With the included Power Magic Pro, your car battery is safe from being drained from the security cameras’ usage themselves.
  2. Power Consumption. Portable batteries for dash cams have short power limits. If you have one dashcam installed, expect 12 to 14 hours of power. If you have 2 dash cams in your car to give you surround coverage, expect 8 to 11 hours of power. When your 24-hour security vehicle cameras are professionally connected to your car battery via the vehicle’s fuse box, you can get up to several days of dash cam recording and still have a fresh enough car battery to start your vehicle.
  3. Possibly Obsolete. If you purchased a simple dash cam that was not designed for 24-hour video coverage then purchasing a portable battery to help you record video when your vehicle is parked is a great idea but if you purchase one of our 24-Hour Security Camera for Vehicles then you already own an advanced camera system that protects your vehicle’s battery with trickle power consumption and PMP that makes sure your vehicle’s battery has enough power to turn on the engine.

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