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5 Grim Reasons Why You Need To Mount Your TV On The Wall

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Outside of having the cool look and aesthetics of a flat screen TV hanging from your living room or bedroom wall, there are some very grim reasons why you may want to have your TV above and beyond the danger zone that’s planted just a few feet from the ground. Our professional TV Installers and Home Theater specialist compiled 5 serious reasons why they believe you should want to mount your TV on your wall.

Reason #5 Robberies

Hopefully, you never have to experience coming home to your house or apartment to find out you’ve been robbed but chances are your TV will still be there after a robbery if your TV happens to be mounted securely on the wall. Statistic compiled by Esurance in the state of Massachusetts in Suffolk County and Boston Proper found that homes and apartments that were robbed of electronics and appliances only had their mounted TVs taken 19% of the time compared to 38% of the time with un-mounted TVs. These numbers were even more prominent in homes without alarm systems or in more rural areas of the county. Daniel Patrick of Dan Of All Trades in Ocala Florida mentioned that “having your TV mounted securely with pin bolts holding the mount rocker in place takes a special allen wrench. Taking the TV off the mount will be too time-consuming for a burglar to even consider. This is something a seasoned installer should know. Expensive flat-screen TVs are targets if they are easy to grab or take off the wall”. When you’re ready to take the TV down an allen wrench should be on hand and since they are small, they can be taped to the inside of utility drawer or the back of the TV with black tape.

Reason #4 Kids And Toddlers

Kids and toddlers are attracted to TV screens. They have no inhibitions when it comes to pointing out something with their fingers and pushing on the screen. During the holidays it’s normal to find fingerprints, bits of food and gouged scratches from uncut fingernails of little ones on the TV screen. We love these little monsters but they can ruin a TV screen quicker than you can find their bib.

Reason #3 Teenage Angst

My sister and I vandalized our living room TV at home when we were young. We loved to roughhouse in front of the TV, poke at the screen when our favorite MTV video came on and sometimes leaned against the TV to block the other one from changing the channel with the remote. This was perfectly fine back in the days of tube televisions because of their super thick glass screens and heavy plastic and sometimes wood casings. Once, when I was a teenager in an angst-filled rage, I remember throwing a cereal bowl and later kicking the TV screen because of something I didn’t want to acknowledge on the screen. The TV survived without a scratch. Try that now with today’s TVs and you’ll be in Best Buy by the end of breakfast.

Reason #2 Pets

Cats and dogs are usually oblivious to what’s playing on the TV screen but every once in awhile something grabs their attention and they try to jump into the action. Veterinarians have seen plenty of dogs and cats come into their practice with injuries sustained from a TV falling on them when they became too excited and pushed the TV in mid-jump until it finally falls on them. Minny, the dog that is in the video below is cute but if she managed to get a few inches closer, the TV could have smashed her and her cat buddy that comes by wondering what’s with all of the commotions.

Reason #1 Clumsy Guest

strong-enough-to-hold-the-installerI really don’t have to go into details about these mishaps but they happen more times than often. We’ve all had them over for holiday dinner and other get-togethers and when they tumble they grab the closest thing to them when they go down. Keep the TV away from their clumsiness. If you have a capable installer that can mount your TV securely than a quick grab to keep steady or a small mishap at head level can be a forgivable crime. Your TV mount should be secure on the wall enough to handle the weight of the installer himself.


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