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Parked Car 24 Hour Security Cameras Questions and Answers

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Car and truck surveillance cameras are the best things to happen to vehicle security since the car alarm. Now there is a vehicle camera system that can record when your engine is off and parked for several days as well as provide you with a wide forward and back view or 360-degree video coverage in the vehicle’s immediate surroundings. The camera system can also allow you to view your cameras directly on your mobile phone wirelessly so you can immediately download video after an incident.

Over the years, we have been asked numerous questions about our car 24-hour vehicle security camera system and we picked out the most commonly asked questions to be answered here for you to see what questions that were asked by others that you might not even think to ask us.


Question: How do you view recorded and live videos from the vehicle’s cameras?

Answer: You view your 24-hour vehicle cameras right from your mobile phone wirelessly. The app allows you to view, playback or download recorded or live video directly to your mobile phone from anywhere using the Cloud settings. If you choose not to pay for the monthly service of the Cloud, you can still view, playback and download recorded video as long as you are within 90 feet of the vehicle’s cameras using the app’s wireless direct connect.


Question: How many cameras do this camera system have?

Answer: 2 cameras

Question: Are the camera’s install wireless?

Answer: No, the cameras come with easy to install cables as well as a crevice tool to help you hide the wiring in your vehicle. The cameras come with a 12v car power plug that can be plugged into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter to allow you to test the cameras or for you to use the cameras when the vehicle engine is on. For a complete installation, the camera system should be connected to your vehicle’s fuse box via the included Power Magic Pro for 24-hours of recording during the day and night.

Question: If the cameras are connected to the car battery through the fuse box, wouldn’t that drain my battery if the car is parked overnight or for several nights?

Answer: Our 24-hour car camera system comes with a device called the Power Magic Pro which monitors your battery power to make sure it does not fall under the [power threshold to start your vehicle and turn on the engine to drive. Also, the cameras draw very little voltage in Drive or Park Mode, allowing your cameras to stay on for several days in constant Park Mode without draining your vehicle’s battery.

Question: Can I install the cameras myself?

Answer: Yes, some of our customers do. The whole camera kit includes an installation tool as well as other items for a complete installation. There are videos we can provide you with that shows step by step how to install the cameras yourself if you’re more of a visual type of person. Be prepared to take out your corner panels and the rubber around your door to completely hide your wiring.  You’ll find that the installation directions are well written but if you decide to have your cameras installed for you, we will provide two of the closest installation shops near your zip code for your convenience.

Question: I’m not interested in installing the cameras myself and I don’t know an installer. How can I find a reputable but affordable installer for these cameras in my area?

Answer: We make it our mission to help every customer with their installation. We can provide you with an installer that is the closest to your zip code from our list of installers we have in our database that is affordable and knowledgeable when it comes to peripheral installations. When you make an order online, in the additional comment section, let us know that you are interested in having your system installed by a professional installer and we’ll send you the location, name, and number to two of the closest establishment.

Question: How much does professional installation cost?

Answer: Most of our customers pay $160 for a complete professional installation on most cars. Installation for luxury cars and trucks can be between $160 and $225. Some of our customers elect to get a partial installation, having a local car stereo installation shop install just the Power Magic Pro (the most challenging part of the installation) while the customer does the easier part of placing the cameras. Most shops will charge $60 or less to install the Power Magic Pro device alone.

Question: Can I purchase the cameras and make payments?

Answer: Yes! Get your vehicle surveillance cameras today and pay later with no interest. When you purchase the system here online you have the option to pay for the cameras in full or use PayPal Credit to have up to 6 months to make a payment towards the camera system. You don’t need to have an account with PayPal to buy the cameras and PayPal only asks two questions to instantly accept you.

Question: What’s the difference between Drive Mode and Park Mode?

Answer: In Park Mode, the cameras only record video when there is motion in front of the cameras or when the system senses that the car has been hit or bumped. In Drive Mode, the cameras are recording continuously throughout the drive. In Park Mode, the cameras have a pre-record feature that shows you what happens 10 seconds before and after there is motion in front of the camera or vehicle disturbance.

Question: Is there a warranty?

Answer: The warranty is for one year but we find that the average lifespan of the BlackVue camera system is usually 3 and a half to 4 years.

Question: How can you see in 360 degrees with 2 cameras?

Answer: When you flip (or roll the cameras inward) to view the inside of the vehicle, you get a wide view outside of the vehicle through the other windows. This can be viewed from the many videos we post on our website as well as our Youtube page.

Question: How do I view the cameras?

Answer: The 24-hour vehicle cameras can be viewed wirelessly on your mobile phone through the camera’s free app. The moment your cameras are installed, you will be able to control and view live video feeds or playback videos within 90 feet of the vehicle cameras right from your mobile phone app. If you wish to view your cameras from anywhere then you can use the camera’s cloud feature which allows you to connect up to 3 different Wi-Fi hotspots.  If you want constant connection no matter where your car happens to be parked then you need to purchase a Wi-Fi modem for the inside of your car. FreedomPop is a company that offers small portable modems with a free monthly Internet connection you can use for your vehicle. They have portable modems that you can slip into your glove compartment or under a seat that. These modems are affordable and can be charged from your home or your car’s cigarette lighter and the modem’s battery can stay charged for 22 hours unplugged. With the cloud connection, you can receive notifications the moment your car is being vandalized, hit by another vehicle or towed.




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4 Thoughts to “Parked Car 24 Hour Security Cameras Questions and Answers”

  1. Einar

    Another question – If you don’t have wifi how close do you need to be to the car to view the videos on your cell phone?

    1. Armand Lucas

      You need to be within 30 meters (98 feet) of the camera system to connect to the cameras wirelessly without being connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Most locations have an available hotspot and the cameras can connect to 3 different Wi-Fi hotspot locations. I, for instance, use my home Wi-Fi for when I’m parked in the driveway and when I’m on vacation I can monitor the cameras from my mobile phone. You also can find Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to at apartment complexes, work parking lot and other frequented locations.

  2. Donner

    There are times when my cameras turn off and then back on and reset. Is that normal? When I had a 32 gigabyte card in there it never happened and now with a 128 gigabyte sd card it is happening at least once a week. The 128 brand is a Toshiba, it’s highly rated so it shouldn’t be the card.

    1. Armand Lucas

      This happens when you use an SD memory card that is not manufacturer approved. This vehicle camera system requires a heat and cold resistant SD memory card that can handle the tough read and write speeds most other SD memory cards can’t handle. You can add a manufacturer approved SD memory card during your order or you can purchase the approved card separately here at:

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