360 Degree Video Recording In Your Car or Truck in Park Mode 24 Hours a Day

There are many dashcams available that offer great coverage while driving your vehicle but we’ve only found one camera system for cars and trucks that can record in 360 degrees while their vehicle is parked with the engine off. Our 2 camera system can automatically switch from Drive to Park mode automatically. Vehicle owners don’t have to remind themselves to put their cameras in Park Mode when they leave their vehicle’s.

We wanted the best for our customers with the best security cameras available. These are the features that convinced us that the system we chose were the best surveillance cameras available for cars and trucks:

  1. High definition video ( both cameras have 2.4 Megapixels at 1080P).
  2. Ability to roll cameras outward for direct traffic view or inward for 360 surround view.
  3. Days of recording in continuous Park Mode.
  4. Sensitive sound recording with easy on and off control.
  5. View cameras wirelessly through the mobile phone app or computer (Wi-Fi and Cloud connection).
  6. Automatic Park or Drive mode.
  7. Impact notification through voice and Cloud alerts.
  8. Extreme heat and cold resistant.

dr450Thankfully we’ve found a 2 camera system that satisfies all of these needs. Daily, we get calls and messages from our customers about neighbors, ex-wives or husbands, and even co-workers that they believe are responsible for scratching the paint, breaking windows and slashing tires while their car or truck sits vulnerable on the street, parking lot or driveway.

Since audio is included with these cameras, it has become a big factor in the overall surveillance. Not only are you picking up video evidence but the voice of perpetrators and the sound of another vehicle hitting your car or truck even if the incident is as small as a door clipping your vehicle when they are parked too close. For these reasons, I personally like having the audio recording activated at all times in my car because I don’t have to remember to turn the audio on or off but some of our customers wanted an easy way to control audio when their cameras are recording because of the internal mic’s ability to pick up sensitive conversations inside and just outside of their vehicle. To control audio, all you have to do is slightly touch the side of the front camera with your finger and you will get an audio notification letting you know that audio has been turned off or on. If your vehicle’s cameras are connected to the cloud feature and someone enters your vehicle without your permission, you will receive an instant notification and have the ability to talk to and warn that person of your surveillance to scare them away. This is accomplished through the front camera’s security speaker and the included mobile app. You have total control of who can see and interact with your cameras using a secure username and password that you can assign.

Another feature we found to be very important to our customers is the ability to turn off indicator lights and certain voice notifications from the cameras. Alerts and indicator lights on the cameras can be turned off from the included app to allow the cameras to record in stealth mode. Without indicator lights, the cameras are hard to notice in day or night time because once they are installed they look as if they are a part of the car or truck’s interior and not as an add-on.

Many of our customers are surprised to find out who is actually vandalizing their vehicle. With video and audio proof, you can quickly see who is actually causing harm with live or recorded video you can view remotely on your mobile phone and share those same videos with authorities, you can also store those videos on your mobile phone, computer or cloud storage for later evidence or you can upload the video incidents to YouTube for everyone to see with just a few easy clicks. Find out who scratched your paint or caused other harm to your car or truck. One of our customers just recently found out who was leaving scary notes on her truck in the middle of the night. It was the custodian from the apartment complex where she lived. He always seemed pleasant during their run-ins around the complex but she found out through her cameras’ videos that he was the one leaving inappropriate and anonymous notes on her car driver side window when she went into her apartment. With that in mind, when you purchase our camera system we ask that you keep an open mind and mentally prepare for what you’ll see on your vehicle security cameras.



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