Crime Index Mobile Apps 

3 Identity Snatching Apps You May Have Already Installed On Your Mobile Phone

For hackers, the game has changed. They are finding it much easier to steal your information, not by using their hacking skills but by letting you hand it to them on a silver platter. Your mobile phone is a goldmine of information. With GPS, banking information and social media info stored on your mobile phone. You are giving away information about who you communicate with, where you drive to and where you spend your money. It use to be hard for hackers to find detailed information about you, now you’re helping them…

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Featured General Security Cameras 

Most Security Cameras Are Useless

We have been led to believe that security cameras protect people and property but haven’t you ever notice that in most cases surveillance videos are viewed only after an incident occurs? Usually, after a home or business has been burglarized, vandalized or worse yet after a devastating home invasion. Burglar alarms are also toted as our first line of defense but with a 15 to 45-second alarm delay, the smash and grab artist has already burst into your homes or businesses and grabbed items and information they wanted and got away before the police arrive…

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Home Automation 

The Most Money Draining Electronic Devices In Your Home

Your electronic devices may be burning up to 35% more power than what it was designed for. They also may be costing you hundreds in repair per year. Refrigerators and mobile phones top the list but they shouldn’t be in the top 5 if we understand one important fact. Today’s devices are programmed to correct themselves and reset to their low energy consumption. Surprisingly, even though our television screens have more than double in size in 10 years, they are actually 30% more efficient than our older tube TVs, even…

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