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Amazon’s Fire TV Device takes on Security Cameras For $39

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TV-CamerasOne of the challenges of installing security cameras for clients is wiring the system so they can view them at other TV locations. The labor cost of wiring plus the equipment made it very expensive especially if the TV is located away at another home or business. Even with wireless cameras, this can be a problem. Also, business clients would ask if they can see their store, warehouse or shop from their home TV which added a large cost to their installation.  Fortunately now, because of Fire TV Stick, you can view your security cameras remotely on any TV either within your home or business or remotely on another television somewhere else. Fire TV Stick is surprisingly robust for its price (it’s actually an add-on device and not an actual TV). Unlike Google’s ChromeCast TV add-on device, limits the types of applications that you can use on your TV because of the limitations that Google imposes as well as the limitations of their device,  Fire TV, on the other hand, allows you to download the most popular security camera app available on Google and Amazon apps store, IP Cam Viewer. Not only can you view just about 99% of the security camera or security camera systems brands and knock-offs available but you can change the way you view your security cameras using the Fire TV remote. Choose to view one to several cameras at once and even zoom into fine details. Most security camera setups that are wired to another TV do not give you that type of control and if it does then you are already spending way more than what you would on a Fire TV Stick device. fire-tv-stick_BackThe Fire TV Stick at this present time is discounted to $39 for Cyber Monday and it literally turns your TV into a more comprehensive Smart TV featuring movies, TV and sports apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBA Live, ESPN as well as a few others.  Other units like Roku, ChromeCast and others will let you view most of the same movie and TV apps and even games but Amazon’s Fire TV Stick has an extra selling features that not only allow your voice to pull up any movie or app you would like to run but the addition of adding useful apps to control security cameras, alarms and home automation gives it a leg up on the competition. Will Fire TV Stick become the champion of Smart TV add-on devices for most of us late to the game? That remains to be seen. Sony PlayStation and Microsoft’s XBOX units are more than capable but at the present time they are not supporting security camera apps and their price points of $300-400 is way too expensive just to add this one feature to a TV but so far the price and features allow it to leap ahead of its competitors by offering these useful apps with voice recall which automatically puts them far ahead of the other units.

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