The Price Of Security Cameras In 2014

DoorbotThe price of security cameras have come down rapidly. Just in the year 2013, we have seen prices drop by over 15% for high definition security cameras. While security camera installation prices have remained steady since 2012, most security camera installers and installation companies have restructured how they charge for installation. You may see installation bundled with other options like remote door access locks or home entertainment systems.
For some consumers, it doesn’t make sense to purchase several cameras to cover their homes when all they’re looking for is one or two  cameras that can handle specific functions like the Doorbot unit that replaces your doorbell with an interactive camera that allows you to see and talk to the person at your door from your mobile phone no matter where you are located. Doorbot gives you extra assurance that your doorbell/camera is a great investment by offering a free replacement if your Doorbot is ever vandalized or stolen.

InstallerNow that high definition security cameras are at the price that standard cameras were back in 2009, local and national cable and communication companies are now starting to take advantage of the drop in HD security camera prices and are now offering security bundles that cover both alarm and security cameras with mobile phone monitoring.

Here are some recent average installation prices from a few local and national companies:

Nuwire  is a national installation company that concentrates on offering high definition security cameras at standard camera prices with no upfront fees. Their average price for high definition security cameras with installation start at $199 per camera with no monthly monitoring fees and a 3 year warranty. They also bundle automatic security door locks and other home automation products for free depending on the number of cameras you are installing. For customers who already purchased their security cameras they will install the supplied cameras starting at $75 per camera plus $99 to set up your security camera monitoring. Enjoy a 6 month grace period to pay or lease to own your security equipment starting at $1 a day.  Go to


AT&T Digital Life covers several markets (Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, LA, Miami, SF, Seattle, Austin, Philly, Riverside, St. Louis, Denver, Boulder and the New York/New Jersey metro area) There are two packages to choose from: Simple Security and Smart Security. The latter bundles a security camera with mobile monitoring that starts at $250 down payment and $150 per security camera. Monthly monitoring starts at $40 per month and monitoring can go up $5 to $10 more per camera per month.[tsp-featured-posts]

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