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Are We Ready For Security Cameras In Our Cars?

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BMW-i8-2014-04Surveillance cameras are everywhere but the one place that security cameras haven’t penetrated in the consumer market is in our cars and trucks.  For a long time, cameras in vehicles were used for sting operations performed by local police and other agencies but consumers are finding their own reasons to have surveillance cameras that can operate when their vehicles are parked unattended or while driving in traffic.


Security cameras in consumer cars are still rare in the US but they do exist. Consumers want cameras that can view completely around their vehicle, anything less would be considered a novelty but there is one security camera system that actually records 320 degrees around most cars and trucks with 2 small high definition cameras. It’s a parked vehicle video recorder system and it is the most sought out equipment for consumers who experience car vandalism when their vehicle is parked unattended.

It can easily be hardwired to the car electrical fuse box within minutes and it has an automated battery cut off built-in if the battery charge is in danger of being too low. The parked vehicle video recorder system also has  Wi-Fi capability so you can view and download live and recorded video directly on your mobile phone without removing the camera or its memory from its location. The parked vehicle video recorder system is small enough not to be noticed. In fact, it looks more like a standard part of the vehicle.

The swivel part of the camera allows you to choose to have the camera look outside or inside the car. Some vehicle owners buy two cameras so they can have full coverage in front and behind the car looking inward during park mode to give them 340 degrees of coverage.






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