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Homes That Attack Intruders

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BBlaster-decintegratorNot only is it legal in most states, homes that physically attack intruders are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners who are looking to protect more than just their HD TVs.  Art collectors, gun owners and others are turning to an alternative to alarm systems that stops intruders before they have a window of opportunity to rob their home.

Along with security cameras that alert you with a picture or video on your mobile phone when someone enters your home unannounced, some homes are equipped with biodegradable pepper spray bombs that either spray in the face of an intruder or throughout the room leaving no traceable film in the home, furniture or carpet.

There are two types of OC pepper spray blasters for homes and business, the more affordable sprayer has a trip wire that attaches to a door of a closet or room that holds valuables like jewelry, guns or other high target items. The moment the wire is tripped, pepper spray is released into the immediate area leaving the intruder coughing and gagging and looking for open air to breathe. The second type is self-contained and battery operated. It acts like any other motion detector for an alarm but with the added feature of OC spray that quickly can cover 2,000 square feet.

The lingering intensity of the spray forces intruders to leave the premises immediately to find open air to breathe without being able to re-enter the home. On the other hand, with a regular security alarm, most intruders have 1 to 4 minutes before police will arrive when notified by a security alarm call, giving an intruder a small but workable window of opportunity to gather valuables or cause substantial damage to one’s property.

The oleoresin capsicum aerosol will be detectable in the air for at least an hour or until ample ventilation is applied to the room or home. The remnant of the pepper spray will dissipate and be undetectable to most occupants but for individuals who are sensitive to the contents of the spray may want to wipe down counters and furniture close by the blast area. The blaster and mist will not harm furniture but if need be, vacuum rugs and furniture with care since the spray’s scent may be minimally detected through the vacuum cleaners output.



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