How Much Does Security Camera Installers Make?

InstallerThis question can be answered in two ways, are you asking about independent security camera installers or someone who works for a company or installation outfit?

Most companies that offer security camera installation require that their installers have experience in a multitude of low voltage wiring such as security cameras, wall mounting TVs, sound system installation and data wiring. Depending on what part of the country he or she lives in, an experienced installer can expect to get paid $180 to $300 for a full day install in rural areas and small towns depending on your level of skill and completion but in a larger metropolitan area or suburb You can expect $200 to $480 a day in larger metropolitan areas and suburbs.

Some contracting outfits charge there customers up to $600 for a single installer per day to $1200 per day for an installation crew  and hire independent contractors to do the job. Paying them a commission of 40 to 70% of the jobs total installation cost depending on their reliability and completion time.

Installer3Independent contractors who pick up security camera jobs on their own, normally charge per security camera installed which can range from $75 to $150 per camera depending on the difficulty of the installation.  Some installers charge a package deal for homes and small businesses that buy their own security camera kits.

Independent contractors usually start off by advertising on Craigslist and other classified ad sites but more experienced installers purchase bidding leads at $5 to $15 or exclusive leads with set appointments from $15 to $50 per lead.   If 25% of your bidding leads become actual clients and 50% of your exclusive leads also become clients then the installer will be above average in scale.

Also, experienced security camera contractors connect with potential customers on specialized lead generating websites like which charge $5 to $6 for every lead and which charge between $17 to $20 per customer lead depending on the popularity of security camera requests in a certain metro area and their population. These leads are shared with other contractors in your area and you may get a lead that has up to 20 contractors bidding on them. These lead generating websites allow you to post pictures and an introduction of the type of work you do and the prices you offer. It also allows past customers to rate your work so future customers can see how many jobs you’ve performed and how other customers feel about you and your work. At first, you may want to offer a lower price than your competitors on the websites until you build a good rating with multiple customers to show how good of an installation you can provide. Yelp can be another source of independent security camera installation work but you will get hassled by their sales team to upgrade to their paid services. All paid services are added on top of your information and within your posting as an ad.

With all of these types of websites, you should expect to get a lot of false inquires that you’ll have to pay for. Here at we offer free postings similar to Craigslist but with some major differences. Our website attracts potential clients who are looking for the best security cameras and systems with the best installers in the market which means you will have a better chance of getting a quality lead instead of a potential customer who’s only trolling for the cheapest installation price they can find.  The Local Deals tab is shown on every page of and as an advertiser you can add YouTube videos as well as pictures to your postings to demonstrate what you can offer your customers. Contractors who advertise in our Local Deals section average about 11 to 15 inquires monthly and we have free and paid posting options. If you are an experience security camera installer looking for quality leads without the per lead cost in your area then our Local Deals section is the one of the best ways to attract the customers you need.

If you need help creating an eye catching Local Deals page, contact us directly.



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