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24 Hour Parked Car Video Capture System

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BlackVue2I’ve installed security cameras for homes and businesses for years, but I’ve always avoided customers who asked me to install security cameras in their vehicles to protect them from angry ex-spouses, neighbors and parking lot incidents. It’s not that I didn’t want to install them, it’s because I couldn’t find anything on the market that can satisfy 4 of the biggest issues;


1. It has to work in park mode, unattended, without draining the car battery.

2. It also has to be discreet enough so it will not attract attention.

3. My customers demand high-definition video to capture details like faces and license plates and tags.

4. Finally, I want it to record sound so if there is an altercation with a fellow driver my customers have proof.

It also has to be easy to use. Don’t get me wrong, I love my clients but I don’t want them calling me every time they forget how to use the camera or download a video for evidence.

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Mercifully, Not only did I find a camera that can deliver all of the above for my customers but I found a security camera package with 2 vehicle cameras that can deliver more than what I ask for with its Black Box features.

HD WiFi Vehicle Security Camera System with Park Mode

This camera not only has a great HD wide view but it can do what most car cameras can’t do, work in park mode. Most incidents happen while your car is parked or when you’re away from your car overnight. Now you can find out who vandalize or hit your car while your car was unoccupied. The HD Surround Video Cameras are motion activated so you don’t have to worry about trolling through tons of video to find an incident. The camera sits behind or near your review mirror and when properly installed it looks as if it was part of your car’s design. The camera can swivel to get a video shot from the front or back into the vehicle so you can see incidents from the surrounding windows. The system comes with 2 cameras to cover both front and back view at the same time.

The features I’m most excited about is being able to download videos directly to your mobile phone and the camera’s driving mode. Now, we’ve all seen YouTube videos of nasty accidents that were taken with a car’s installed video camera. The 750 HD Surround Video Cameras also comes with the famous G-shock with Map lock built-in so if someone hits your vehicle while you’re driving or parked, the video cameras will record the incident on its GPS map where your accident occurred along with a video snippet of the accident. To download and view an incident with GPS map location, all you need to have is your mobile phone handy. With one button on the included app, you will have instant video evidence that you can share, email or upload to YouTube.

Most enthusiast can install the 750 HD Surround Video Cameras themselves with no additional help with the easy to follow instructions but if you’re not confident in installing the system yourself, a car stereo installer should be able to install and hide the included cables for your 2 camera system within minutes. We have a list of affordable installers we can recommend within the U.S. and Canada if you need a professional installation. Keep in mind, when you have your security cameras installed, you may want to set the LED indicator lights to stay off to keep your camera location discreet.

Now you can have real HD cameras in your vehicle with Parking Mode and Black Box features that allow you to record video in and out of the car with the capability to download important incidents directly to your mobile phone wirelessly. Your vehicle deserves more than just an alarm. Your vehicle needs a state of the art automobile security and surveillance camera system.

We are proud to offer this full camera system with Magic Pro for the automatic parked recording mode. Others are providing the same unit without one of the most important features, Magic Pro, which in our view, defeats the purpose of purchasing a security camera system for your car or truck if it’s not included. The one mentioned in this article is a higher-end model with 2 wide angle lens cameras at 1080p with features that allow you to view and save live and recorded video directly from your mobile phone without removing the internal hard drive.




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