Where Should You Place Security Cameras?

Dome-InstallThere are 4 simple rules for placing security cameras for homes, businesses or warehouses that most people and even expert installers do not know. I’m sure there may be several other tips you can go by but these rules are the most critical when placing surveillance security camera systems.


Rule #1
Know the limitations of your security cameras. Forget the pictures advertised on the box holding your security cameras. A camera’s resolution is only as good as the distance it needs to see. Budget security cameras are great as long as you realize that your optimum resolution stops at 10ft. Anything beyond that will look fuzzy or seem out of focus. To see much¬†further in¬†detail, you need a higher resolution security camera or a camera with a lens that allows you to see further but remember, the further your lens allows you to see, the more narrow your view.

Rule #2
Use your corners. When you are using a limited amount of cameras use the corners of a room or if the cameras are outside, use the corners of the building. You can cover more area from a corner of the room or the corner of a building outdoors than in the middle. If you’re using two or more cameras to cover a room or an outside area, place the cameras in opposite corners. It’s ok if the cameras both pick up the middle of the given area. You’ll get a complete and close up look of any action. Only if you have enough coverage should you place cameras in other locations.

Rule #3
Know what you need for night time coverage. You can skip this rule if you’re not concerned with what happens after sunset but if you are, you’ll need to make sure you’re well covered. Most budget security cameras will have night vision included but just like their resolution, it is limited to about 10-15ft. After that, all you will see is a wall of darkness. If you are covering a large area like a backyard or a large room make sure you add an infrared illuminator that allows you to see hundreds of feet further in the darkness. Daytime coverage is important but night time coverage can be crucial.

Rule #4
Expensive cameras don’t mean better coverage. Security camera placement will always trump expensive surveillance camera equipment. Now, I’m not knocking getting a better security camera or system. The better the camera resolution the more flexibility you have but if the cameras are placed too far or at a wrong angle then you take the risk of squandering your camera’s ability.

If you have any questions about these tips or need help placing security cameras, let us know. We have over 240 installation experts throughout the U.S. who can answer any questions about security camera placement or local installation prices without any obligations.

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