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Where To Place Security Cameras? 4 Important Rules To Follow

There are 4 simple rules for placing security cameras on and within homes, businesses or warehouses that most people and even expert installers do not know. I’m sure there may be several other tips you can go by but these rules are the most critical when placing surveillance cameras.   Rule #1 Know the limitations of your security cameras.¬†Forget the pictures advertised on the box your security cameras came in. A camera’s resolution is only as good as the distance it needs to see. Most security cameras are set to…

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Break-ins in Sanford Florida Down?

Sanford, Florida break ins are high compared to surrounding areas but they’re almost half of what they were just 14 years ago, according to Crime-index.com. This is probably due to better policing strategies and the building Renaissance of the early and middle 2000’s in Sanford which added more upscale homes and gated communities. Unfortunately, the Trayvon Martin case has brought notoriety to the town of about 55,000 people and the only township close by with a higher burglary rate is Share List

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