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Security cameras can be a part of an affordable home care solution. Keeping watch over your elderly parents or family members with special needs can be a lot easier with a Wyze WiFi camera with 2-way talk communication that you can view and control from any mobile phone or tablet which happens to be my first choice for indoor security cameras for homes because of its affordability and ease of implementing. At $20 to $25 a camera, the best thing about this security camera solution is that it’s affordable. It has some of the same features other $300 WiFi cameras have and some of their features exceed other WiFi camera’s performance. The second best thing about this type of security camera is that they only take 5 minutes to set up. All you have to do is plug in the included power adapter, download the mobile app to your mobile phone or tablet and take a picture of the QRC code located on the back of the camera with your mobile phone or tablet you wish to use and Viola! You’re connected with video and sound through your mobile device with live and playback video.  It’s also easy to share the video with other family members and caretakers with the password you can update at any time, allowing them to view the cameras from their respective phones or tablets as well. It even works with Amazon Alexa!

If your elderly parents or loved one have caretakers who visit them at their home or apartment, the motion activated camera can notify you instantly via push notification when they arrive. You can set the time when you want the camera to notify you which gives you control of a schedule. Control the time when you will be notified of motion in the home or apartment with the always-on app that works in the background on your mobile phone or tablet. You can keep an eye and ear on visiting caretakers who may take advantage of your parents or family member while they are at home or even away.

This all-in-one security camera does not need any additional equipment other than an SD card that you can slide into the camera if you wish to keep a video record of past incidents that you can be accessed through your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere at any time or download to share. By adding a 32G SD card, you should be able to record a few days of motion. The camera can be placed on any counter, table or any level surface but it can also mount on the wall or ceiling provided that there is a power plug nearby. The house or apartment that you place the camera in will need to have Wi-Fi to allow the camera to operate online and allow you to view the video from your mobile phone or tablet. The camera only needs to connect to power to function and become wireless allowing you to view live and playback video from your mobile devices. With 115 degrees of wide video view, you will be able to see most of the room the camera is placed in. The included infrared night vision also helps when it comes to viewing in the dark or at night. As installers, we’ve placed these cameras on kitchen tables, on the top of refrigerators, cabinets and kitchen counters as well as adjacent walls overlooking doorways. Most people should be able to activate a few of these cameras inside a home with very little problems but if you need or want an experienced installer to help you, let us know. We can provide you with an experienced installer who can have your camera(s) up and running on your mobile device quickly. Remember, this security camera has two-way audio for instant communication through any mobile phone. Another step in having a piece of mind.

Another Security Camera Solution

Click to view updated prices on Netgear Arlo cameras
Click on the picture to view updated prices on Netgear Arlo cameras

A less affordable but more flexible solution allows you to place security cameras indoors and outdoors with no power or video cable running to the camera, giving you the flexibility to place security cameras practically anywhere in or outside of your loved one’s home. Netgear Arlo is a battery operated weatherproof security camera that lasts for several months without having to change the batteries. In fact, you can just plug it in for a few hours with the included detachable power cord and have several months of wireless power after you detach the power. It also allows you to view your surveillance video live and download recorded video from your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere. The built-in infrared night vision works well inside and outdoors and you can change the frequency of instant mobile notification by changing the sensitivity of motion within the security camera’s view. The live and recorded security video are in high definition and the mobile app allows you to zoom deeper into the video. The new Arlo Pro has audio! Which is a better reason to get this completely wireless security camera that can be placed anywhere as long as it gets Wi-Fi signal? A better battery technology allows this flexible security camera to give you months of video connection without sacrificing audio to keep the cameras low powered and long-lasting. This is a great solution for indoor and outdoor monitoring of a home or an apartment that doesn’t allow or want wiring to be installed.


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