There’s A Spy Inside Your Phone

Imagine your mobile phone, without your knowledge, periodically taking pictures of your surroundings depending on your GPS location. Now imagine those pictures being uploaded to a computer or server and stitching those images together to make a detailed 3D image of your home or place of work.

Fortunately, this malicious app or “malware” happens to be an academic paper called PlaceRaider and reportedly is not an active program but Huffington Post and a few online tech magazines are already assuming that this app is either being used presently by certain groups and governments or will be available soon on the open market as a surveillance tool.

The application can actually be built within a small free app which can be downloaded by you, unaware of its true intention. This malicious app within an app will send pictures and GPS information while it appears to be in sleep mode or while your actively using your phone.

Similar malware like PlaceRaider are unfortunately available from private security companies that provide these types of programs, that can transmit live audio and video to government agencies like Syria and Iran but these types of apps or malware is considered even more invasive since it can recreate a realistic 3D model of a room or location.

Apple, creators of iProducts like iPhone and iPad, at the present time, do not seem to be as concerned about this type of malware as Google. Maybe in part because Google is more vulnerable to this type of intrusion because of their open app system Google Play.

If you own a smartphone or tablet that happen to run Google Android, you may have noticed two firmware updates this month. This seems to be a preemptive strike against this type of sneaky intrusion on your privacy in the future. Follow us for more updates which apps are suspect and what you can do about protecting yourself from them.

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