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3 Reasons Why Your Password Is Hacked Now

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Most of us follow the Golden Rules of password protection but sometimes even the most deligent will give away their passwords from their bank, email and other user accounts on a regular basis. Here are 3 reasons why your passwords are hacked or given away unintentionally.
Reason 1: Using your email password as your main password.
I know it’s difficult trying to remember a list of passwords. It’s just easier to have one password to remember for all or some of your accounts like Twitter, Facebook or your bank account but you have to have at least 3 different variations of your master password for other accounts. Example, if your password happens to be “pops2010” you can extend this password for other accounts by adding an Exclamation mark or a symbols like pops20210! or ?pops-2010.

Reason 2: Using a password with a present or old resident address is one of the most used password variations. Hackers love them and the IT security industry has been discouraging its use since the late 80’s but scores of email passwords have been easily hacked from the Pentagon, CIA and the average person because of this practice.

Reason 3: Using family or street names of where you live or work either whole or partially.
In fact the most common passwords use have a combination of a family name and an old street address. Hackers don’t even waste their time trying to figure out these easy passwords. Their are over a dozen password programs that can be downloaded that can figure out most of these passwords with just a little personal information in about 5 minutes.

Just remember these few tips: Adding an extra number or symbol can lower the chance of your password being hacked exponentially. If you’re using an address number for your ATM, change at least one of the numbers at the end or the beginning. Better yet, use a random set of numbers and write it down in a secure place where you can find it. Also, if you use a limited amount of passwords make sure you separate them by security level, your bank accounts, accounts for online games and social media accounts.[tsp-featured-posts]

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