Your Security System Is Spying On You

With some security systems a burglar or a home invader can learn you and your family’s routines, see who’s presently home and see if your alone.  Security systems were not designed to give up this type of information but unfortunately for some homeowners, these systems can be the tool others can use to disarm and invade your home with the least amount of trouble for them.

Here are a few tips to avoid having your security system tell on you.. We will cover security camera systems first then burglar alarms.

1. Use common sense

All high-end alarm or camera systems come with a default password and/or username. CHANGE IT. If  you have a security camera system you can watch from any computer or mobile phone where ever you are, guess what, all a criminal will have to do is find out your camera system web address (easier than you think to find out) and apply the default username and password. Now he can see what you see. He can even orchestrate others to break-in for him while checking to see if anyone is home or if the neighbors are watching, using your security cameras.

2.  Wireless safety

If your using an IP camera(s). Make sure that you or your installer change the default settings in the camera (username & password included). Just because you have a higher-end camera doesn’t mean it’s any harder for someone to tap-in.  Also, if you bought a cheap wireless camera that does not have any password protocols, i.e., $49 specials that only take minutes to install, get rid of it, your the most vulnerable. It only takes a handheld TV and a 2.4Ghz receiver from Radioshack to see your cameras from a parked car down the street in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t take a smart thief to spy on you with one of these.

3. Alarm Systems

As with camera systems, make sure you change your default settings as soon as possible. With a little information (from the web) and a mobile app, an experience home invader can request a log of when your burglar alarm is activated and dis-armed giving him access to your routine for when you come and go. He can even get regular updates on his mobile app. When your home, he knows. When your gone, he knows how to disarm your alarm and walk right in.

During my years as a cable/alarm/camera system tech, I’ve seen teenage hackers, home invaders, ex wives and husbands get into homes and even businesses using default settings. The pictures you see in this article are from incidents where invaders use these settings to enter homes they studied for only a few days.

the two home invaders in the second picture came in through the front door once they disarmed the default code on the alarm. Unfortunate for them they didn’t know that there was an indoor camera looking at the front door. The disabled it but not before the camera system emailed the homeowners mobile phone. They were caught later that afternoon. Check our Local Deals section or call 312-970-1579 if you need an installer in the your area that will make sure your system is less vulnerable to invaders and will make sure your not set to default.[tsp-featured-posts]

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