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Coworkers Are Vandalizing Your Car Because They Can Get Away With It

Keying someone’s car is the easiest crime coworkers can get away with. The weapon of choice for vandals are their own car and home keys. It’s hard to spot them using those keys even with parking lot security cameras. Which at times may or may not work. Unfortunate for most of us, employees who vandalize their coworker’s vehicles feel great satisfaction. With one stroke, they cause hundreds of dollars in damage. They also know it can cost you more than money. It can cause weeks of anguish and downtime dealing with repairs.

Most vandalizing coworkers like to key your car or truck’s coat of paint instead of causing other damage. Keying your car or truck can be easily accomplished. While walking past your vehicle with their eyes facing forward as they walk by. Disassociating any look of suspicious from a distance while scratching your car’s paint. Unfortunately, It’s rare for parking lot security cameras to be in the optimal position to see every vehicle. They are not designed to see from every possible angle to precisely view every vehicle. That leaves a lot of vehicles vulnerable to getting keyed or vandalized.

Vandals Take Joy In Your Anger and Confusion

After reveling in your anguish, they may wait several days before they go after your car or truck again. They do not want to draw attention to themselves. They may even chime in to accuse someone else of walking too close to your vehicle. This is used to throw off the stink of their dirty deeds. Many will get a two for one satisfaction by frustrating the victim and accusing someone else. That can be another coworker they have a private beef with.

The only way to capture these sneaky and destructive coworkers is to have a video and audio record of them. Cameras should be positioned within your car, truck or SUV to capture as much as possible.

You may be surprised to find out who is vandalizing your car or truck. Sometimes it’s not a direct enemy or rival of yours. Sometimes it’s someone who wants your attention by spending time “helping” you find the perpetrator.

Catch Them In The Act

Nevertheless, there is nothing more satisfying than catching someone in the act of vandalizing your car. Making that person financially responsible for repairs. Also, because of their brashness, they may also face police questioning. At least they will face work discipline from a supervisor or manager or worse yet, lose their job altogether.

You need to fully capture someone from any angle messing with your vehicle while it’s parked. Make sure to install your cameras in a way to capture videos around your vehicle. You also want to make sure that you find an easy way to install your cameras within 15 minutes. Eliminating the extra cost of hiring a professional installer. The video below shows you how you can install such a camera system. You’ll have surround audio and video in just a few minutes.

The videos above were shot with our mid-level vehicle camera system. You can achieve an even wider front view with the new 4K model. This will help you completely encircle your car with the combined video coverage of both cameras. The 4K camera also gives you the ability to recognize license plate numbers, objects and faces from much further away. The 2nd camera that looks inward from the dash. Giving you a wide view of your vehicle through the windows and above the roof of your car. It’s the same for both of our other models and the 4K vehicle camera system.

Where’s My Proof If They Steal My Cameras?

You may be asking yourself, “what happens if someone breaks into my car and steal the cameras. Where’s my proof? Even though this is a rare occurrence, it’s also a very fair question. Some of our clients will hide a wireless internet router. Usually about the size of a small wallet inside their vehicle and have the cameras wirelessly connect to it. When you make your purchase, we will provide a link where you can purchase a router with free monthly service. The router allows your cameras to get instant notifications. Also, a video connection to the cameras via your mobile phone or computer if someone tries to vandalize your vehicle.

If in some way a vandal breaks into your vehicle. Goes through the process of pulling out the camera system, the cameras will be triggered. They will automatically upload the video of the incident to your cloud service. You can have this set up after the installation process. View and share these videos at any time remotely. You can use the camera system’s app using your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

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