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360 Degree Live View of Your Parked Car From Anywhere

Technology has finally caught up. If you had the misfortune of having your vehicle keyed or your tires punctured on more than one occasion then you know what happens next. You contact the police and tell them that you have a pretty good idea of who’s doing the damage but they tell you that they are going to need proof to move forward in an investigation. In some cases, they’ll try to pull up fingerprints from your ride and you will have to wait weeks for the fingerprints to be processed. That’s a best-case scenario but in most cases, they don’t even show up to fingerprint the vehicle or ask neighbors if they have seen anything. Unfortunately, it’s up to you to catch the vandal in the act.

I’ve installed security cameras for over 16 years. Until recently, if your car wasn’t parked close to an outdoor security camera then you were out of luck if a perpetrator vandalized your vehicle away from any security camera’s view. Also, it’s not always easy to retrieve video from someone else’s video cameras. Parking lots of shopping centers and apartment complexes are notorious for being difficult when they are asked for video access. Certain times of the day or night you may find that they may not have had their recording equipment working.

Cops Are Only Interested In Video Proof

It’s up to you to have proof of the incident. You need a security camera system that is self-contained and allow you to view video 24 hours a day. You need coverage of the front and back of your vehicle with the widest view possible. This will allow you can see vandals coming from all directions. You also want to be notified in the event someone rubs up against your vehicle, try your door handle, breaks a window or puncture one of your tires.

I’ve tried out dozens of dashcams and other devices. Most are not equipped to notify you when your car or truck is vandalized. But, we have found one solution that works for all of our customers who’ve asked a number of questions:

  1. Do the cameras work when the car is parked and the engine is off?
  2. Can I see all around my car with the cameras?
  3. Am I able to view my cameras from my mobile phone?
  4. Can I view the cameras without paying a monthly fee to view my cameras remotely?
  5. Will the camera system notify me when someone is vandalizing my car?
  6. Can I view the cameras live on my mobile phone when I’m notified of a possible vandal?
  7. Am I able to backup video on my mobile phone and send it to someone else quickly?
  8. Do the cameras have night vision?
  9. Are the cameras safe from hackers?

The answer to all these questions is an enthusiastic YES. Our 24-Hour Security Camera System for vehicles has every one of these concerns covered. In regards to question number 3, you only pay a monthly fee if you decide to use the cloud feature. The Cloud allows you to view your vehicle’s cameras from anywhere.

Avoid Monthly Connection Charges

You can bypass paying the monthly Internet connection to the cloud. Use a portable modem from your mobile phone family package. You can share your packaged data with a portable modem. In my case, I use a portable modem from FreedomPop to give me 200mb of free Internet. It stays hidden inside my car which is wirelessly connected to my vehicle cameras. I can view live video or playback video events right from the app.

It doesn’t matter how far I am from my car. The included 200mb for me is more than enough. I only use it occasionally when someone hits my car or try to vandalize it. If I go over 200mb, I’m charged only for the extra data I use in small increments. When I’m within 90 feet of my car, I can use the vehicle’s camera’s own wireless connection. With the viewer app, I can view or download a video event to my phone without an Internet connection. By doing this, I don’t have to worry about using up my 200mb of data from my portable wireless modem.

How Can 2 Cameras Capture Video In 360

Another amazing feature of these 24-hour vehicle security cameras is the fact that they are rotatable. With the cameras rotated outward, you get a wide-angle view of the front and back of the cameras. You can see license plates in clear details as well as view buildings and traffic from a distance. If you rotate the cameras inward, you can view the inside of your vehicle from any direction. What’s great about having two cameras capturing a 360-degree view is that you get two different perspectives of the same Incident. In one camera you can see the face of someone coming up to your vehicle. In the other, you can see their back and possibly what they’re holding in their hands.

The 360-degree position only allows a more close-up view. License plates are only visible close to the moment of impact. You may not see the direction of where the car went or where the perpetrator ran away. I personally like both positions but I keep mine at the outward view. I’ve watched hundreds of videos of customer’s ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, and neighbors come and key their vehicle. They also puncture tires and vandalize in other ways and they are always caught. on one of the camera’s view. No one perfectly walks up to a vehicle’s blind spot and walk perfectly backward in that same blind spot. It’s almost impossible. They would have to be aware of a few blind spots on the sides when the cameras are not in the 360 position.

Without Audio, You May Have Nothing

There’s one more thing I noticed after reviewing hundreds of vehicle videos. If someone is really upset with you, they can’t help but mumble to themselves while they are vandalizing your car or truck. You don’t know how many times we had customers match the voice of someone that they know. The cameras built-in omnidirectional mic that picks up voices and noise inside AND outside of the vehicle. If I hear another vandal on video mumbling ” Yea?, what are you going to do about that!? ” while they vandalize a customer’s car, I’m going to scream! It must be something in human nature to want to express yourself auditorially while you vandalize your ex-significant other’s vehicle.

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  1. Lori Rubio

    How much is camera with installed on a 2008 toyota camera is there a monthly fee I want to be able to see the tires also is that possible

    1. homerestored

      Installation is between $50 and $95 in most places. In the New York and L.A. area it’s more. On your second question, no, but you’ll be able to see if someone is crouched down while messing with any of the tires. You’ll also hear tire punctures and other damage due to the sensitive camera microphone.

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