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Queens, New York

If you're being stalked by an Ex lover, husband, wife or business associate and you want to catch them in the act the next time they puncture your tires, scratch your paint, or vandalize your car or truck in any way then you need our security cameras that allow you to view the live and recorded videos of these incidents on your mobile phone. Connect to a hotspot and view your cameras from anywhere. Our cameras work in Park mode with the engine off for up to 4 days by using your vehicle's battery. The included battery monitor makes sure your battery will start even after several days of sitting in Park mode. With the cameras connected to your vehicle's Wi-Fi or local Wi-Fi in the area, you can get alerts when someone is near your car or truck, creates an impact or sits on the vehicle. Purchase your 2 camera system here and get a deep discount on professional installation at one of the top Queens installation garages we recommend.

Here are a few examples of what our cameras can do:

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    • The new night vision is whoa! by Joshua Crespi
      This is my second system for my Honda insight. They upgraded the night vision on the cameras and now I can see what I was missing before. It's probably 3 times better than the last night vision it had before. Once I save enough, I'm going to upgrade the first one in the accord.
      Posted on 10/16/2017 at 09:47:00

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