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With a price guarantee and a low flat rate for installation, we are the premiere high definition security camera specialists. All of our cameras carry a 3 year warranty with up to 2 Megapixels at 1080p.
Why settle for sub par security cameras offered by alarm companies at a high price and monthly commitment. We provide you with security cameras that are 100% yours with not monthly payments or contracts.
Our security camera systems are also feature rich with push notification that can alarm you through your mobile phone or tablet when someone is too close to your car, front and back door or windows, POS integration for businesses who want to view cash register receipts on camera which can be viewed from a monitor or from any mobile device from anywhere, even during playback and all of our cameras are tamper resistant with a hard shell and immediate alerts if someone tries to remove or damage your security cameras.
Outdoor cameras are IP66 rated for adverse weather conditions and our IR Matrix cameras allow for a clearer night vision other high definition cameras can't match.

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