The 3 Best Face Recognition Video Doorbells For 2018

Video doorbells have come a long way since Ring video doorbell came into the market a few years ago. Next level features like face recognition and animal awareness are now available from other manufacturer’s 2018 models that will make smart video doorbells the must-have security feature for any home or business entry door. RING was not the first smart doorbell that featured video security but it was revolutionary for being the first video doorbell that was easy to install and its cloud recording came during a time when High-Speed internet became common in most homes and businesses. Other manufacturers like Skybell and August popped up around the same time with similar smart features. Along with 2-way communication with visitors, connecting to third-party smart locks and lights were another reason many customers were attracted to these video doorbells.

Listed are the next level of video doorbell cameras that are available now or will be available sometime in 2018.


Samsung Wisenet Smart Doorbell

2018 is the year of facial recognition security cameras and Samsung comes out swinging with a high definition video doorbell that notifies you when a familiar face is at your door. You can store images of friends and family within the “Interested Faces” listing within the mobile app so you know when your listed guests arrive. As with all Facial Recognition software, it can detect the shape of a human and ignore birds and pets so you are only notified by what’s important. Selectable motion zones also make this a worthy smart doorbell. The price point is on the higher end of the face recognition doorbell spectrum but with Samsung’s record for high-quality products (sans the Note 7 debacle), it should be able to get their fanbase excited about the product since it’s compatible with Samsung’s A1 Security System. Even without the security system, the video doorbell unit acts as a security system all by itself with its included audio analytics that can detect and identify sounds like breaking glass, sirens and more and send priority alerts.


Nest Hello

Nest, which is owned by Google’s Alphabet company, showed off its new smart doorbell at a San Fransico event in November of 2017. They have shown that they are going all in with supplying customers with home automation and security for homes. It includes a Cloud connection to Google’s Artificial Intelligence APK to allow it to recognize faces via the Cloud. The camera’s application is similar to Nest’s Cam IQ indoor and Outdoor internet linked camera that uses the same Google AI. Just like with any face recognition system, you will have to train it to recognize certain people. At this present writing, Nest Hello will be available sometime during 2018.


ONVIF IP Video Doorbells

ONVIF is a universal protocol for networked security cameras. In this case, it allows you to add third-party Cloud apps that can recognize faces, animals, vehicles, guns and other objects. An ONVIF IP video doorbell does not have to be a slave to one particular Cloud connection. Both the Samsung and Nest smart doorbell are closed platforms meaning you can only connect to their platform and price structures. Owning an ONVIF video doorbell allows you to shop around for the recognition systems that are more tailored to your needs. If you live in a rural area where there are bears and other animals you want to be warned about before you step out onto your front or back porch, you could connect to a Cloud recognition platform that is more geared towards recognizing and warning you that those animals are within the camera’s view ahead of time. It’s only a matter of time before RING and other video doorbell systems come up with their own closed platform but with an ONVIF video doorbell, the power to control cost and personal recognition platform are up to you. ONVIF IP Video Doorbells are available now.



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