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Wednesday April 17th 2013

Innovative Low Cost Home Automation

Z-home-automationOpen & lock your doors remotely as well as turn on lights and appliances for under $300. View, talk and listen to your HD security camera located at your home or apartment from your mobile phone remotely for under $150 and get security face recognition for free.

With little or no monthly fees, Home Automation doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here we list 3 innovative devices and service that can fit any budget and make a big difference in taking care of you or your family members.

Lockitron – Remote Door Lock $149

This is a great device for owners and renters because you do not have to change out your door lock’s hardware. This device literally takes only minutes to install and secure and will allow you to open and lock your door from your any mobile phone.  Bank level encryption means you don’t have to worry about electronic break-ins and Lockitron warns you by text or call to let you know if someone knocked on the door or entered with a key. This new version of Lockitron will be available for shimpment in May 2013.

DropCam HD Security Video Camera $149

Another great device for homeowners and renters is the versatile DropCam HD video camera that works off your home’s wireless internet connection. It takes only minutes to install without needing to know anything about internet setups or technical jargon and you can view and hear everything that goes on in your home with great clarity from any smartphone you may own.

Free Face Recognition Service

Just because you have security cameras it doesn’t mean you have the ability to find out who was on your property uninvited. Your video may show a clear picture of the perpetrator during playback but if your system can’t investigate who that person was then all you have is a very expensive toy. Suspect5HomeRestored.com offers a face recognition service that allows you to upload a picture of the person in question or allow us to remotely download the picture from your security camera’s DVR.

No matter where you purchase your security cameras, if one of our  independent installers install your security camera system, we will add our free face recognition service. It works by entering in a picture from your video and comparing it to several databases that also includes clothes and walking pattern as part of the matching process. If a possible match is found from another camera system or from any of the databases we participate with, you will be notified by text or email with pictures, information and other areas the possible match was found. With the provided information, it is up to you to decide to share it with local police or warn your neighbors of a potential threat in the neighborhood.

The face recognition service spans the lifetime of your security camera system at the original area it was installed by our installers.  Professional security cameras are more affordable now with installation than ever before (an HD 4 camera system with a 1 terabyte hard drive start at $395).  So, if you’re interested in getting a security camera system installed with free face recognition added, call us at 312-914-3887.
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