3 Best Ways to Stop A Home Invasion For Under $100

VIDEO: Burglar alarms at times can give us a false sense of security when it comes to a home invasion. A burglar only needs a short window of time to get what he needs with or without you being home.  Also, many criminals are desperate enough to ignore alarm horns once they have cased a home for a quick entry and exit. How do you stop home burgaries and invasions?  I’ve listed 3 ways to stop or significantly slow down a home invasion. Giving you or your family enough time to respond to or escape an intrusion in your home, better yet, deter an invader when your not at home by preventing him from entering your residence in the first place.

Surprisingly, 80% of home invasions happen through the front door or window of most homes. The other 20% are from sliding door windows, open garages and side and back doors as well as breaking side windows.

A seasoned thief or invader knows that time is his greatest enemy not the occupiers of the home he’s invading. The best place to start your security is your front door, this is especially important when you or your love ones are at home. Once your front door is kicked in it takes less than a few seconds for a perpetrator to get to you or your family.  To secure that door, get a security door brace . You can install it in less than 15 minutes on your floor in front of the door. Once you slide in the jam it can hold back 1700 pounds of force. Even if your door lock and frame breaks your door won’t open giving you plenty of time to run or respond to the invasion.

Floridians have been introduced to Hurricane proof film (sold throughout the states as Security Window Film ) for glass windows and sliding glass doors. The great thing about the film is that it protect your home from objects smashing into your windows from hurricane forces. It can also slow down or stop a home invasion at a window or sliding glass door. By law sliding glass doors must be tempered just like a car window which breaks into small pieces and unfortunately has less sound volume when it breaks. Glass windows or sliding doors covered with security glass protector is practically invisible but will significantly slow down an invader trying to smash his way in any glass entry or window and in many cases stop him from trying further.

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Also, last but definitely not least, Make sure your garage door is closed when your away. No matter how fortified your castle is it means nothing if the draw bridge is down or in this case open. I myself have left my garage door open even though I consider myself vigilant about closing it right after I pull my car out.

The Garage Butler Automatic Garage Door Closer for $50 will automatically close your garage door for you when you forget to close it yourself. It works with your existing garage door opener and is easy to install. With all the things we store in our garage nowadays it can pay for itself with one door closing.

Don’t forget, if you still have a burglary in your home after these 3 tips make sure you have a wireless camera in your home that can automatically send you a picture of the invader either through your email account or to your mobile phone.  Even if the burglar or home invader steals or damage your camera the security camera will have already have sent you a picture or video of the perpetrator to your mobile phone. You can get a high resolution security camera for under 99 dollars that can record any break-in within your home. They’re easy to place on a counter or table while being small enough to be inconspicuous. By having one or more of these cameras, you can help the police capture thieves and home invaders while their still on the prowl while helping you and your neighbors in the process.

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