Unlock Your Door With A Text

Left your keys at work? Unlock the door with your mobile phone. Your guests arrived before you can make it home? Unlock the door for them from across town with a text or a touch of an app and let them enter on there on. We rely on our mobile phones so much more than our own keys now days.  So texting or waving your phone at your front door to unlock it was not going to be that far off. Wireless deadbolts have been used in hotels and motels for guest rooms for years. Now that they’re affordable for everyone, they have become available for homes and businesses at a quarter of their previous cost. The only difference between a hotel and your home is that you no longer need a key card, you can use your mobile phone to unlock your door either by proximity (for newer phones with NFS like a Galaxy S ) or by texting or using an app with any other mobile phone. Some systems also include a multi-unit app for lobby access.

Is it safe? Yes, the wireless deadbolt uses a 128 bit encrypted built-in software and just in case the year long battery runs out, you can use your supplied manual key like any other door. Also, you can text a temporary key to a relative or a friend and give the key a time limit or eliminate the key instantly.

Will it work on different types of doors and configurations? Yes, If you are replacing a door knob lock or if you’re adding the this to your existing buzzer system (I recommend a professional installation for your buzzer as it requires modifying your existing household wiring which can be dangerous and carries the risk of electric shock or fire if completed improperly).

What do I need? A broadband Internet connection.

I love the fact that there are no wires, It works on your provided broadband service wirelessly and the encryption is business grade.
If your interested in a professional installation of a wireless door lock system for your home or business go to our  Local Deals section.

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