Game Systems That Fight Real Crime

There has been a lot of talk about making electronic devices with GPS tracking that can be activated by the police. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of popular devices site cost and implementation as a reason not to install such a measure in their devices but luckily there is software you can install in certain devices that can help you catch the criminal red handed. In fact I found two stories of devices catching criminals on video as they celebrated their caper.

One: My PS3 Refuse To Be A Victim

(reposted from PS3 community forum)

“So this past Wednesday Dec 16th somebody broke into my apartment while I was at work and stole about 24 ps3 video games, 45 ps2 games, 52 snes games, all of my consoles including my PS3 and components including a PS3 camera. What the thief didn’t know is that I had my PS3 connected to my PSP. As some of you know, once you hook up your PSP to your PS3 you can remotely control your PS3 through your PSP through a local or internet connection. I tried every day, every hour to see if by any chance the thief connected the PS3 to the Iinternet. Surely on Friday Dec 18th at around 11:30pm I was able to turn on the PS3 from my home by using my PSP using my internet connection. I opened a chat room, turned on the camera and surely enough I got to see a close look at the thief’s face! (probably looking at it wondering why the PS3 had turned on by itself!!!), with my digital camera readily available I took a picture of the PSP screen with the thiefs face!! Called the police and they quickly recognized the person!!!! LONG STORY SHORT, I GOT MY PS3 WITH NO DAMAGE WHATSOEVER AND ALL OF MY GAMES WERE RECOVERED!.”

The second story has not only been a staple all over the Internet but has a video of the perpetrator celebrating in front of the laptop he stoled!

Two: MacBook Owner Puts Thief On YouTube

By: Chris Matyszczyk

Sometimes, when you lose something, you can gain something too. Sometimes, when you feel someone has wronged you, there might be an avenue down which you can discover a little solace–or even a touch of revenge.

This seems to be the case with Mark Bao and his stolen MacBook Air.

Bao, you see, might have not done well in leaving his laptop in a lounge at Bentley University in Waltham, Mass., allowing an opportunist to swipe it earlier this year. However, he had already embedded a little wisdom inside of his machine by installing BackBlaze software.

This, the way CBS tells it, allowed him to enter his laptop remotely and see what might be going on there. Or, indeed, going down.

And what a picture of humanity in the Facebook age was revealed.

The first thing the alleged thief reportedly did was photograph himself. Then he filmed himself dancing to Tyga’s “Make It Rain.” Bao, naturally, was impressed by the software’s performance rather more than he was by the alleged thief’s.

“From the files on the computer and some legwork, I was able to track down who [the alleged thief] was, his Facebook page, his e-mail, and the [now] infamous videos,” he told CBS in a story published yesterday.

Why are the videos infamous? Oh, Bao put one up on YouTube, where it has now enjoyed almost 1 million views.

You might be stunned into abandoning your plans to waltz this weekend when I tell you that the alleged thief contacted Bao and begged him for mercy.

With a gall that some might find just a little pathetic, he sent Bao a Facebook message that reportedly read, in part: “I know I am in no position to ask you for favors but Can you please put down the videos that you have put up of me.”

I wasn’t aware that one could inject a video with the same substance that a vet uses to euthanize a rottweiler.

Bentley University spokeswoman Michele Walsh today told me: “The person who stole Mark Bao’s laptop did return it and admitted the theft to our university police. The alleged thief is not a Bentley student.” University police are pressing charges of larceny and trespassing, which were filed today, she said.

Bao, though, still can’t decide what to do about the YouTube video. Be a modern man, Mark. Monetize it.[tsp-featured-posts]

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